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Izzy m, 21

The Loop

My favorite day of all time happened in a couple neighborhoods in Chicago, but mostly in the loop. First, my boyfriend and I were in Bridgeport visiting our very good friend. We played video games and walked around the neighborhood. Then, my boyfriend and I went downtown and had sushi at Hot Woks Cool Sushi. We also had a good amount to drink. After dinner, we walked to Millenium Park and laid down in the grass beneath the bandstand. We fell asleep. When we woke up, there were people sitting in the grass all around us! Apparently a concert had started when we were asleep hahaha. I will never forget waking up to see the Chicago skyline and looking over and seeing my best friend.



My great aunt worked at the Art Institute. I don't know what she did but she was important enough to get us into the employee dining room upstairs. I loved my aunt, who was the most glamorous woman I had ever met, and I loved the Art Institute. I loved the lions in front the most, but I also loved that it was so complicated it seemed like you never got to the end of it. After my mother and I visited our favorite exhibits, we met my aunt in the dining room. It was very fancy and I was on my best behavior. I don't remember what I had to eat, but on the side of my plate was this little present wrapped up in special paper with a pretty curly ribbon. I stared at it through my whole lunch, trying to figure out if it was dessert or if it was a present just for me. No one else at the table had one. Finally I got up the courage to ask my aunt why I had a present and no one else did. "That's a lemon, sweetie", she said, in her husky cigarette voice. Everyone burst out laughing. It's still one of my favorite memories.



Walk around. Grab lunch/a snack in a new restaurant/Coffee shop. Take lots of pictures

Great weekend seeing Hamilton with family. Stayed at Majestic and had terrific meals at several restaurants. Art museum visit the next day capped off a wonderful visit to Chicago from Wisconsin.

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