IIT is located at 35th and State in The Gap.

IIT is located at 35th and State in The Gap.

Sharing your story? 

It started with a group of students taking an inter-professional class with a simple goal: creating a system that engages the local community with story telling. We felt that giving back to the community was needed but how can this be done? We created a prototype that included a physical and web platform for story telling to be possible. With the infrastructure in place, it is now possible for the community to both read and share their stories. Sharing a story is possible via typing, voice recordings, or video recordings.

Our Mission

We are a group of Illinois Institute of Technology students interested in story-telling related to identity, experience, and memory. Our mission is to develop a platform for individuals within Chicago neighborhoods to share their story and ultimately provide local insight and personify neighborhoods in the city.

Who We are

Reya G. - IIT Psychology Student

Clayton K. - IIT Architecture Student

Daniel T. - IIT Architecture Student

Isaac L. - IIT Civil Engineering Student

Isabel F. - IIT Architecture Student

James T. - IIT Architecture Student

Pranathi M. - IIT Psychology Student

Timothy K. - IIT Cyber Security Student

Monica C. - AIA, Founder, Civic Projects, Adjunct Professor IIT

Questions? Suggestions? Or Don't see your neighborhood?

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