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I had a great time at the park there was a festival, my family and I had great Thai food, then walked around Jackson Park and discovered the Japanese Osaka gardens from the 1893 World fair. It was a beautiful space with nice views of the museum and beautiful landscaping and flowers. A nice quiet relaxing place to spend an afternoon.

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I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was a Thursday afternoon at the Blackstone Bicycle Works summer program, and we decided to go on a little field trip to the lake. Of course we had to choose a bike to ride and try on helmets to fit. Soon, we were on our way! It was a little windy on that day but I was used to it, sense it is the windy city. While riding, I noticed all the places and parks that I've been to in my neighborhood. Chicago is one beautiful city. We got to the lake and sat down at a fire pit. We learned about how the pressure on the spokes keep the wheels stable. After the short lesson, we climbed down the rocks to where we could actually touch the water, and put our feet in. I never noticed how cool the lake looks. Anyway, that was my long and descriptive story!

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