I was walking down Wentworth avenue with my friends, passing various storefronts and restaurants. One of the store fronts had a stacks of aquariums with turtles on the sidewalk and that was when Juan and I first made eye contact for the first time. I kept walking but I couldn't stop thinking about that turtle, I stayed up all night. The next morning I went back and payed ten dollars cash for Juan and we became best friends for life. He was only a few weeks old at the time and could fit in the palm of my hand only a few inches long, so cute. 




My boyfriend used to live down Archer so after we would get off the red line we would get mango bubble tea and shrimp friend rice before catching the 62 bus to go home. I loved those days.




One of my friends found a kitten in Chinatown all by himself. He ended up adopting the kitty and now we are all best friends.