Ladipo F.


Summertime in Bronzeville is my favorite time of the year. Friday after work, I head to the Bronzeville Art District Trolley Tour to visit the several historic art institutions in the neighborhood. I join alongside families, elders, and young people as we hear an oral history of each street we travel down, provided by the friendly docent. Although I am not a native Chicagoan, these stories feel familiar and nostalgic.

Sara b.


My boyfriend and I currently live in a large apartment complex on the fifteenth floor. This is my favorite place in Bronzeville. We have an amazing view of the city and the lake. Every morning we wake up to the sunrise over the city. This is my favorite memory and favorite place in Bronzeville.

isaac L.



When the sun is out and the breeze is just right, you can see so many people outside and enjoying the neighborhood. I was out driving and it just seemed so calm and peaceful.

Walking around the nice scenic CHICAGO style stores and restaurants and finding a great dinner to eat some food in. Also the quick walk to the beach and some outdoor activities.