Isabel FM.


One of my favorite days in Bridgeport was last spring in May of 2017. It was such a nice day out. My friends and I went to Palmisano park and we walked through the park, swung on the swings, and looked at the turtles in the pond. Definitely one of my favorite memories.



My favorite day in Bridgeport was the day that I felt I had established my life in the neighborhood. To me, this is the summation of several separate days I had in the neighborhood: the day I determined my grocery store route, the day I found my closest laundromat, the day I found my new favorite coffee shop, and the day I rode my bike in the city for the first time. The day where I first felt this combination of elements working together, then, made me feel like I had everything figured out in a new space, that the neighborhood belonged to me now. When was this day specifically? I can't remember. This kind of thing happens slowly, until you suddenly recognize it out of the blue one day and everything feels different.



One of my favorite days was exploring Bridgeport when I first came to school at IIT. My two friends and I walked all the way from campus, past Halsted and back. I ended up finding the coffee shop, Jackalope, which I still absolutely love to go to to this day. I love the environment and the coffee is even better! Definitely a coffee shop that everyone should go check out.

It was a sunny day in southside Chicago. Not many people out and about. I walked around with a couple of friends looking at the buildings and art of Bridgeport, admiring their unique designs. We stopped in at a few random hole-in-the-wall restaurants like Nana, and Maxwell's for some poor quality but delicious food.



hit up a local brewery, get some good food, hit up the local bar.